Micro Photocell®

Recessed ambient light level detector/monitor

The Micro Photocell® is used to detect and monitor the ambient light levels in a room. Once a room has been calibrated via the Silux Control® app software, to operate at a certain lux level, the Micro Photocell® continually sends the latest lux values of the area monitored to the Silux control® network. The network then in turn monitors and controls the Dimmable Collectors® to adjust their respective LED Light outputs to ensure the calibrated Lux value is maintained in an efficient manner within the monitored area.

  • Detect and monitor the Ambient Light Levels in a area
  • Daylight harvesting provided by this device can lead to substantial ENERGY SAVINGS
  • Individual adjustment of the Lux parameters
  • Capable of Monitoring Lux between 0.1 Lux to 100 000Lux
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Micro Photocell® Gen 1

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Micro Photocell® Gen 1

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Micro Photocell® Gen 1